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I am glad you dropped by to take a look at what I am teaching and offering.

You will learn more about me and my work by poking around the website. The testimonials explain how my work plays out in small group settings. My poetry show you my artistry. And my energy readings highlight current and relevant topics of conversations we are having in my programs.


If you are here on the referral of a friend...welcome! Please thank them for me. If you are new to me and my work, please send me a message below. I would love to chat. 



Join me around the virtual fire in ritual to celebrate the blessings of the moon. Each new and full moon we will gather virtually. Soak up the full experience of gracefully releasing the old and ushering in the new with my Grandmother Moon Membership!



This is my most intimate and personalized program for truly digging into the depth of your spirit in a safe and genuine way. Join me and five other women to explore, through deep, honest and vulnerable conversations, your personal inner wisdom and truth. Sessions begin quarterly.



Attend to your inner voice and its awakening. Virtual or live sessions with me to discover the relevant, refreshing and supportive energetic practices and or activations. My deep intuitive capacity opens to the guides that bring forth simple messages of your own intuitive wisdom.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti


If you long to deepen your spiritual growth, Sybil's program is perfect.

Renne J

So much continued gratitude for your gifts and the gift of time together in shared listening and reflecting within the company of wise women.

Anna D

Sybil has long been the voice of grounding and connection that my soul longs for. She intuitively knows just what my heart needs.

Christina M



The beautiful logo and artwork you see on my page were lovingly created by Jordan Kim of FoundandRewound. I'd love to share the story behind the creation of the design. Read more here.  

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