Moon Ceremonies

Sybil performs moon ceremonies around the fire.

Mobile , Alabama folks are welcome to join  any Full or New Moon


My virtual loving friends I will be connecting with audio files with support, direction, and inspiration to conjure up transformation in your own back yard. 


More to come in days ahead! We have lots of new ideas for this program. .

Sacred Ceremonies 


Uncertainly lies in the peripheral

Hidden deep by years of half truths


Sweet sister surrender

Let me fall


Ghastly low life memories

Hardened by time


Sweet sister surrender

Follow me down


Lurking conversations

With No business being here


Sweet sister surrender

Soften the landing


Grooves etched deep

Support the loop of repeat


Sweet sister surrender

Weep with me now


One rose bud dismantled

Permission to heal


Sweet sister surrender

Breath with me now


Love, Sybil


I bow to the Full Moon