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Free to love more purely
Clear to see our biases
Open enough to grieve the losses
Brave enough to celebrate the blessings

This is no longer a membership
please let me know you want to join me on a full moon and I will send the link xo 

  "Grandmother Moon". During bi-monthly, virtual moon ceremonies, I share with you the depth of my heart and my intuition and guide you through the fullness of expansion (full moon) and the release of letting things go (new moon). Every new and full moon, I sit in ceremony and now I invite you to share in this sisterhood or brotherhood to soak up the readings that I experience and guide you through the ebb and flow of the moon. We can be in awe of the evolutionary process of ridding ourselves of the false self and narratives while feeling and experiencing the natural true self that we all are shining more brightly each and every day.

It weaves through our lives whether we pay attention of not.
I invite you to experience it more fully!  

Grandmother Moon Membership Includes:

  • Access to ME!

  • Guided Full Moon and New Moon virtual ceremonies

  • Time to share and connect with others in a safe and sacred space

  • An invitation to fully experience the beauty of ritual and ceremony



connect with me here in the form below and I will send you the link for the Moon ceremony. I love you and I am so grateful you are here with me.

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