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Trees and Mountains



I remember when my own mother's skin became thinner like tissue paper, when she would grumble over unexpected and unwanted tummy and back fat . She would say out loud on a regular basis "life is just the pits". Why was she talking this way about herself and her life? I was a young mother of three and she was their grandmother. What did she expect from her physical body, what did she expect to come from her life?

I know now that she was mourning the loss of the life she had come accustomed to, and possibly the life of dreams that were not coming to pass. 

Here I am. I have landed in my 60 's  a Grandmother, an elder and Crone. 


My skin is like tissue paper and you will find when you hold me tight in a hug, I am softer with less boney bits poking out. I have shifted my gaze ever so slightly. The physical body remains in my peripheral and my eye is now focused clearly with the vedantic wisdom of a life lived whole heartedly, open heartedly, feeling into and attending to the matters of the condition of ones heart. My focus is now the light in my eyes shining bright, the light in your eyes doing the same. The fire in the belly and desires and truth coursing through the veins like a spring river flow to make it all the way from the Mountains to the Sea. 

I  launched a flagship program several winters ago called Awakened Embodiment …. it then became know as Conversations with LOVE and and off shoot program has formed known as Women Who Choose Freedom as a larger month to month container. 

I lend my ears to those who have gone before me and the primordial forces of nature and the natural laws of this universe and world. I bring to the table the inner child, physical body, mental body, energetic body and intuitive knowing. Each of these sits at the table and are heard my biology and my ancestry 


 I love my life. I have a good mind , stable emotional body and I know my negativities and my positivities and I accept myself as I am. I am love because I live in a state of repair and acceptance. 


So who am I in my work? . I am a trained movement specialist, a teacher of vedantic wisdom, a trauma experienced support system with studies in attachment theory, story of origin support systems, somatic experiencing and the Poly vagal co-regulation and resilience work. I am a spiritual guide, teacher and or a mentor depending on how I am needed.  

Welcome to my work!

Love, Sybil​


I thrive on personal connection and aim to keep you up to date with all that I am working on and doing. I hope you will join my newsletter so that we can stay connected. Add your email address in the form below to subscribe.

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