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The following story is from Jordan Kim.. the creator of my beautiful logo!

On the evening of July 20 , 2020, I logged in to join Sybil for a new moon ceremony. When I joined the Zoom call, it was just Sybil and me.  She shared that her mother had just transitioned right before the call. 


“Oh Sybil, I’m so sorry.”


Of course, I said she did not need to stay on the call with me.  But Sybil said that it was exactly where she wanted and needed to be.  So, she jumped in and guided us through a very powerful meditation.  We were floating - held by Mama Ocean and holding each other at the same time.  There was an invitation to ancestors, spirit, her mother, and all those souls in transition to give us their burdens so that we may carry them or compost them. It felt like a strong divine feminine presence was with us. It was very clear that we were in that flow, that current, and all life flows to and from this current in an endless cycle.  Yes, we could carry and process those burdens, as we had only to release them into this current.  The tears were streaming as we came out of the meditation.  I expressed my deep love and gratitude for Sybil and her willingness to share this moment with me.  We sat in silence for a moment and said goodnight.


I was in the middle of developing a new art collection.  With each collection I try to include some “extras” - pieces that are inspired by my direct experiences or local places.  Earlier that day, I had decided that maybe I wouldn’t make any “extras” for this collection because nothing was coming to me.  I was stuck. 


But after the moon experience with Sybil, I went straight to my studio and this piece flowed quickly out of me.  It depicts a tree of life growing right out of the ocean – that current that had held us as we held each other.  The tree is braided and twisted in many layers of connection flowing up from its trunk into its branches and leaves.  In its branches are figures moving through all the moments in a lifetime.  The whole piece forms a circle, embodying the cyclical nature of life.  It felt clear to me that Sybil’s mum played a big part in the making of this piece.


With gratitude and love always, Sybil.


Jordan Kim


And... Here is my version of the story to bring it full circle. 


My mum’s passing was sweet, rich, expanding and sacred. A complication post hip surgery at the age of 90. My son was able to physically sit with her, and I sat with him on the phone  the night before she passed and my brother and sister were with her as she passed. 

It was the full moon and I had ceremonies planned. One close friend showed up for the 8 pm virtual call and we shared a meditation and release process. It was sweet and poignant . I came out of the ceremony and my brother texted me “mum will pass soon”. I had one hour between ceremonies. My husband looked at me and said what can I do to support you and I said “come outside with me and let's build a fire”. As I went to strike the match my phone lit up with the text “mum has just passed”. I laughed and thanked the heavens, I cried and shared time with Peter feeling the sadness . Peter went inside and left me with the fire. I sang and cried and blessed her life as the smoke went up with her. When I came inside and told Peter I was going to lead the second full moon ceremony he was utterly confused. WHAT? OK? …. So I did as I do I went into ritual and ceremony. 


It was the most powerful and perfect way to allow myself to express myself - being fully me with my mum in a way that never happened in the living life of me and mum. Jordon and I just allowed my mum to show up with us and inform us of every word spoken and every image we conjured up. Those 20 minutes were so healing and generous and profound. I felt both alive and stunned at the same time.


The result is this logo. When Jordan sent it to me and told me her story it all came together. I stayed awake for the second night in a row in the presence of mother, daughter, grandmother mamma ocean , heaven and Grama moon ALLLLLL of it was sourcing through me as it was through Jordan. 


This is my relationship with my mum now. She is in every program I offer and every class I teach . She is my mother and I am her daughter. We are one and you, dear Jordan, enrich my life as a sister.


OM, Love, Sybil

All of the logo artwork you see on my website is copyright, Found and Rewound. If you would like to see more of Jordan's work, I encourage you to visit her at

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