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Science has proven what mystics and spiritual scholars have taught for thousands of years.
Meditation is medicine!
We can see the images in the brains of Tibetan meditating monks. Fact. 

I learned by listening to someone who had sat in meditation every day for decades. 

Simple: You have to just sit yourself down on a cushion every day for 20 minutes.  

20 years have passed and I am now that person who has meditated every day for decades. 

I will sit with you virtually for 20 minutes every day for a week. Accountability.


I will then send you a personalized audio recording, guided meditation each week for the next 5 weeks.
(This equals at least 40 days of meditation practice!) 


You are then on your own to sit your pretty little tush down on the cushion and meditate. You will have 5 recordings with specific offerings to give you support and options.


6 weeks of support $240 

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