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I work with athletes and artists, old people and young, with not so fit people and very fit people, with men and women, with professionals and executives, with folks who don't really like yoga and those that are passionate about it. I work with people who have pain or disease. I work with people who know something is stuck and not quite right, and are willing to ask for help, support and nourishment so they can be the healer and healed!

I am looking for students and clients who are interested in being a co-creator of their own well being. I work with folks who know what it's like to live and struggle through life with pain. I am interested in working only with clients who are willing to take responsibility for their own improvement, to work within the scope of my directions and to strive to do their best, be honest and open with me assisting the movement forward into the healing process with a spirit of collaboration.

If this is you, then I am your teacher. Together, we will find amazing, mind blowing results of decreased pain and improved ability to function in the everyday business of LIFE!


60 minute session 

$75 per session, or 5 sessions for $300 

Virtual sessions available upon request.

Sybil's work releases stress, tension, and physical discomfort .

She uses rhythmic movement and gentle pure movements to unwind the physical body and relax the central nervous system. Sybil is trained in Yoga Therapy, Reiki and trauma informed movement support. She offers a wide variety of modalities to support the client's specific needs.


Book your complimentary meet and greet 30-minute discovery session! 

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