Are you concerned about that

stressed-out man in your life?

You know yoga would help him but he’s not buying it!



Hi. I’m Sybil Nance. I’ve been a yoga instructor for the past 20 years and I can tell you what I hear every day in my studio like a mantra…


“My guy needs this. He’s overworked and exhausted. Every morning he wakes up looking like he’s 20 years older, fuzzy headed and forcing himself to get moving. It’s painful to watch him!”


But he won’t even talk about yoga. Much less attend a class.


And the problem just gets worse. Once we turn 50, things change. We don’t like to admit it, but the truth is the truth. We don’t handle stress as well as we used to.


Signs of long-term stress and overwhelm include:


  • Not sleeping well, no matter how tired he is when he goes to bed

  • Feeling disconnected from family and resisting physical touch

  • Back, hip and neck pain day after day

  • His tablet or phone seem permanently attachment to his hand

  • Allowing himself to be “on call” 24/7

  • Feeling hopeless because the workload keeps growing and no end in sight


But when you try to talk to him about the benefits of yoga, you get this…


“There aren’t enough hours in a day now. Why would I add something else?”


“Do I look like someone who would hang out at a yoga studio? Come on!”


“I’ve never worn tights in my life and I’m not starting now.”


“And fall on my nose in front of a roomful of women? Not in this lifetime.”



If any of that sounds familiar to you or you caught yourself nodding your head as you read the list, then you are definitely in the right place.


Well, I’m happy to tell you that there is hope and help – For both of you.


You can help your man feel better and bring renewed connection to your relationship… even if he won’t join a yoga class. In my own relationship, I’ve seen these tried-and-true methods and practices transform my husband, Peter, and take our relationship to a new level. Peter is so excited about the great things he’s seeing that he even helped me put together a new program just for you (and your guy—whether he comes to a yoga class or not).


We’re calling it…


Yoga for Women… and the Man They Love



Are you ready to get take the first step for positive change and feel…


  • Like he’s listening—with the focus he had earlier in your marriage

  • Supported in your inward journey—like he’s walking with you side by side

  • Like you’re part of a team on a path to health and wellness—sharing in a meaningful way

  • Safe to have deep, intimate conversations—with connection and acceptance

Sybil Nance

Educator, Mentor and Facilitator 


I have lived this practice for 20 years through financial crisis, through health crisis, and through the daily grind. Over the years, I’ve distilled down my process into simple steps that are easily adapted, so that I can guarantee 100% that everyone who follows my system will see results by the end of 6 weeks.


You will feel the clock roll back when your pain levels go down, and your stress, tension, and anxiousness diminish. You will learn why it is so difficult to be in the present moment, and you will learn practices that will last you a lifetime.


Whether your man is a “believer” or not, you will have the tools you need to start the change process and finally break the cycle of stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm that all too often results in a physical breakdown is one form or another. Our bodies can only take so much, right?

Yoga for Women… and the Man They Love will give you insights to reach your loved one at a different level where you are seen and heard, where you work together as a team, and refresh your deep connection.


Yoga for Women… and the Man They Love will:


  • Start where you are already doing really well…calling you forth to stand tall where you are strong and build on your strength that, deep inside, you know you have. With ease and grace, you’ll simply crowd out that which is out of touch, and go farther than you expect. Think of it as stepping up to the Go Line.


  • Allow you to get quiet and listen.  Just the process of sitting in reflection time together will allow your sweet inner voice to well up and bring clarity to your process. When you listen, what has not been working will show up, so you can clear that away and begin growing what is working.


  • Show you the easiest step forward. When you identify what isn’t working, choosing the easiest beginning point for progress happens naturally. Long term results are so much more likely when you begin in a gentle way. I’ll show you how.


  • Tap into your motivation. Recognizing your incentive for your journey to wellness allows you to try something new—new physical movement, a new way of thinking, and a new way of relating to the man you love. As pain levels go down, you feel more relaxed and in tune with your body and each other. Think of an island vacation in Fiji—right from your own living room.


  • Defining what you offer to your marriage or partnership. Open the door to your personal freedom so you revel in your personal space, find your joy, and feel your empowerment. You are not participating in a program, you are building a lifestyle that up-levels every area of your life now and long into the future. (There are very few things you can invest in that have this kind of long term payoff.)


Sounds great, right? You’re probably thinking: “So all you’ve got to do is get a few yoga DVDs, do a routine in your living room, and everything will happen automatically, right?”


You may have tried this before. You may have even tried someone else’s program for creating a better relationship through yoga. And if you didn’t get the results you expected, you probably ended up thinking that a yoga program just wasn’t going to work that way for you.


I hear that all the time – and it drives me crazy!

Because the truth is, most “yoga for couples” programs don’t cover all the steps…they leave you on your own to fill in the missing pieces. They leave out critical components that make the difference between a program that delivers and one that disappoints. They don’t help you find out what’s NOT working for you so you can find what IS working for you. And they don’t make it easy to move forward by starting with the easiest step for you.


Maybe you think your man won’t cooperate, so there’s no way to turn this into a success story. Maybe you’re thinking about all the reasons and excuses he’s made in the past – and how will he go from that mindset to creating a harmonious wellness program for the two of you.


Yes, maybe you’ve tried a couples’ yoga program before – but have you tried it MY way?


You already have the foundation of a wonderful yoga practice right now. You’re already getting results and deep inside you know you’ve got the potential for bigger results and greater benefits for your marriage or partnership.  It’s time to bring your experience into your relationship in a more tangible way so you can feel the closeness you crave as the man in your life becomes more balanced, healthier, and more relaxed.


That’s what you get when you join us in Yoga For Women… and the Man They Love… plugging in your vision, your passion and your strengths.  You bring your amazing heart and I provide the step by step guidance and strategy to finally pull it all together for you.


Imagine more balanced schedules,

Going back to old sports and activities,

More time outdoors and being active—

turning back the clock on your relationship.



Are you ready to take the most important step to changing your life and your relationship? The most important step is the First Step. That’s getting started.


Here’s what you’ll do during “Yoga for Women… and the Man They Love.”

Each step includes a live webinar with me followed by Q&A, along with movement, practices, tools, and charts to assist you in creating new patterns. Keep reading to get the details…


Step 1: Start Where You Are


Everything starts here—with the “in touch” areas in your wellness. Focusing on what is working will automatically crowd out what isn’t working. “Start Where You Are” gives you the clarity and structure to move from ‘spinning your wheels’ to actually seeing progress. Yet surprisingly this is the step most people skip or resist—and that sets them up for still more wheel spinning and struggle! You will clarify the exact areas that are draining you rather than supporting you and design everything else from there—for your personalized process that does what you want it to.



Step 2: Get Quiet


Reflective meditation is one of the cornerstones to success. As we sit together in this sacred space, you will listen at your inner self reveals what you need to know. Trying to figure out what’s not working doesn’t produce the clarity you will get by silent listening. In this module you’ll learn how to get quiet, clear, and focused so your next steps are guided—and they will work! After all, results are what our work is all about. Miss this step and you’re likely to remain confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated and miss your opportunity for positive change in your life and your man’s life.


Step 3: Surrender

This is the piece that will give you the long term results you’ve been craving. What can you stop doing or give up right now that will be the easiest step forward you can make? Just one thing… based on your inner guidance. This is the simple secret that creates powerful real and lasting results for a lifetime.


Step 4: Motivation

Identifying your Big Why for improving your own wellness and the wellness of the man you love, you will tap into solid grounding that will keep you on track. You’ll take on the challenge to try new physical movements, new mindsets, and new ways of seeing each other—all for the better. This is where pain levels begin to go down. You’ll both feel more relaxed and in sync while finding more balance in your schedule, your finances, and your relationship.


Step 5: What You Offer

Selfless Service Starts at Home [Seva]. Here’s where you set yourself up for success in the long term. Putting gratitude practices in place, you’ll both feel a huge surge of freedom—more personal space, greater moment-by-moment happiness, and empowerment from a positive place. This includes self-check systems for regulating your emotions to give you more harmony and connection with fewer flare ups. That’s what it’s all about, right?




6-Week Program


YES! I’m ready to Get Started. I will get...


  • Forever Access to Sybil’s “Yoga For Women… and the Man They Love” program, which includes 6 live webinars delivered each Sunday – to help you prepare and follow through


  • LIVE coaching support in the 6 live Q&A sessions at the end of each webinar, plus recordings of all the calls


  • Easy to use materials including audios, practices, charts, and tracking workbooks to make the journey easy and enjoyable


  • Access to a private Facebook group where I can get my real time questions answered by Sybil, connect with other participants, and get the support and accountability I need to stay on track.


  • 24/7 email access to Sybil where I can get personal help and feedback.


  • Private phone access to Sybil on an as-needed basis, so I always feel supported.


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Plus You’re Protected by My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident you’ll see the value in what you learn during “Yoga For Women… and the Man They Love” program, that I will give you your money back if you follow the system and don’t see any benefits. I know that if you follow the system you will feel better and your relationship will see benefits. But if you get started with the course and find it won’t work for you, you can have your money back. My only request is that you take the first 30 days to really immerse yourself in the valuable content and APPLY the process to REALLY decide if it’s for you… and if you find it’s just not working for you, let me know by the end of the 30 days to get a full refund. 100%!

I absolutely LOVE supporting passionate, motivated, spiritual beings like you in blooming your life and your relationships (and have fun doing it!).


Still Have Questions?  Not sure which path is right for you?

Let’s talk.  Send me an email at to request a time to talk.  We’ll set a time to get on the phone for a few minutes and I’ll help you sort out which option or next step is right for you.



Sybil Nance


P.S. The most important step in this entire process is the First Step: Making the decision that today’s going to be different. So don’t put this decision off to think about later. You are a powerful creative agent for change. That’s part of what makes you unique. Register now.


P.P.S. Remember, if you give this your all and take it seriously, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Reserve your spot now.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.