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Grandmother Moon Membership Circle

2 calls a month

Full Moon  &  New Moon

8 am cst

each month

This monthly membership will keep you connected to Sybils teachings.


Sybil will share her rituals, routines, and wisdom . Mantra will open each session followed by the spontaneous poetry that follows after Sybil Chants. . Next guided Pranayama and blessings from one of Sybils Guides/ teachers/ channeled voices. Sybil then will speak into the widsdom that will surface at that time.


Each member will recieve

copy of the poem and a recording of the session

Full Moon and New Moons each Month 8am Zoom Call

Feb. 9/23, Mar.9/24, Apr.8/23, May 7/22, Jun.5/21, Jul.5/20, Aug.3/19, Sep.2/17, Oct.1/16, etc.

At this time sign up by email



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