Going into my own personal war zone to find unity

I have felt incredibly discombobulated since my Primary role as Mom for 26 years started to wind down. I have felt various aspects of self fighting for my attention pulling me and confusing me in ways that started to really shake the foundation I was standing on, my beliefs. habits, values, and opinions in ways that really scared and shocked me. I became quite unglued and the endless and relentless daily routines of living in the warzone of construction kept me sane. One foot in front of the other was all I could do. No AC for 18 months in 100% humility while swinging a hammer and running electrical wires was - is and continues to be the toil I need to work through my relationships with my self, my God, my community and most importantly with my husband living out all my childhood wounds. All my life I have felt incredibly connected to God and to the Christ consciousness and yet my persona in the community was one of Yogi with a strong and devoted life to the eastern philosophies alone. I am placed by many in the land of complete open-mindedness and yet I have often held what could be considered very conservative contemplations and practices. My relationship with Yoga is fluid and ever-evolving, as is the nature with the practice for sure, and I find myself now drawn more into the life of spiritual mysticism. Our move to Alabama re-building a home slowly by ourselves has been the toil, the storm, the wrecking ball to strip me of what I thought I was leaving me time and time again with no other choice than to follow the voices that speak through me from God and Source. I Live more in the realm of clairvoyant with a leaning towards Oracle love notes ....putting a voice to divine messages with my ability to transform energy moving in me into understandable language for the receiver.

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