Oh what to do NOW!

Today is the day! Full moon tonight.. "I release the countless questions I release my point of view I release my expectations, all the ones I have for you.... may a good day come and find me and shine upon you too.... I release". these are some of the lyrics to my anthem song Release (by Gareth Asher)

January New Moon 2018 in Mexico, sitting by the ocean, I was called down there in the dead of night by a very beautiful voice whispering in my head, mind, heart, consciousness I agreed to follow my calling as a channel. I made a contract with myself and God to experience as much as I could from a philosophical, spiritual, and scientific perspective on the topic of intuition and channeled voices, sacred messages, divine intervention and mystical spontaneous healing. Today I turned away from social media as a step in that direction. Today I am focusing my work toward those who truly want to be in the life experience with me as a spiritual guide. I understand that my life practices have lead me to cross over to a new realm of consciousness and I have always known that it is available to all of us. I had desire and longing to be shown into this place where I felt at home enough in my intuition to name it and to share it more openly. I am completely interested in the intuitive awakening process and I am only open now to being lead from this wholehearted place.

Facebook and Instagram were eating up my time, my attention, my focus, and I am excited to get re-focused and to take aim at what really excites me! Creating a life of Freedom, sharing time with you Unity and lighting a lamp of Inspiration to shine a brighter light on Love and inner Healing....... spending my time in a state of Awe while living this amazing life.

to take aim

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