Soul Sister

I sit here in Alabama on a very rainy afternoon in Alabama reflecting on the last 6 weeks and it feels like it is time to share. "Know your story well and tell it truthfully", I heard this recently on an Adam Young podcast. The question I asked myself was "who wants to hear mine ......I don't know who that might be". This was a good question and the truth is, I don't know. Not knowing who might want to hear my story is not reason enough to guard myself from sharing the truths I feel and the wisdom I am learning as I travel the country, as a teacher of Yoga, living as I do with enthusiasm.

Megrez, who is seen here with me, is my accountability partner. Our efforts to be the best darn sole entrepreneurs we can be, we began by meeting every Monday to go over each of our 12 week plan.

I was able to voice my deficiencies and some cynicism on the world of social media. Megrez listened and then voiced her own concerns. Before I knew what hit me, all what I had perceived to be my biggest stumbling block all tumbled out of me right there in front of us on the floor. Megrez being pretty much gifted in everything I am deficient in, simply started to support me. Each week I was given a to do list and each week we kept moving forward. I birthed Porch Reflections as a template to reconnect with former students. I have found my voice in a way that feels pretty authentic. I can tell my stories, discoveries, and reflections to whomever wants to partake.

What I gave my soul sister in return was my time, attention, commitment, open conversation, and lots of constructive listening . Mamma Sybil just showed up and received the support needed that was graciously being offered.

I love to dance and I am committed to the collaborative dance, or process, however it looks. In working with Megrez, one thing led to the next and here we are now performing together in a dance recital. In the past 6 weeks it looks like this dance is a polished performance with an artist dancing with me, her friend who is willing to jump in, make mistakes and enjoying every moment of it.

It is accountability Monday today and to credit the conversation we just had,. My buddy shared with me how I was a great support by doing this dance and showing up every week, willing to partake in what ever showed up as a offering of support . Practice time provided us with time to play and laugh, while we also discovered in each other in how our Mother - Daughter relationships were mirrored and have profoundly shaped and created our defaults, biases and strategies for coping in life and in building our businesses. We allowed each other to speak, to cry a little, to feel vulnerable, to shine and to be brave. There is great value and great worth in creating a better life with someone. This is what a soul sister is, someone who knows there is value in making life better for and with someone else..

This piece of Music was gifted to me from another dear friend and I continue to share it whenever I can. Soul Sister by MaMuse

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