My Story Expanded

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. This quote by Mark Twain sums up my efforts to tell my story, I feel like I need more time..... but I don't so here we go. I spent 8 months in my 20's in a religious cult. That is the line that sticks in my throat and has a difficult time interjecting into conversations. It does not come up casually in conversation and only a handful of times has it been shared. I would like this part of my life to be more of the fabric of who I am and how I have become a deeply grounded and devoted spiritual woman.

My story is this, I have a life that gives me ample struggle, and joy to strip away my many biases and preferences so that I can move my way around spiritual communities very nimbly. I am clear that no one way is the right way, my path with yoga is a path that suits me and provides philosophy and discipline, movement and stillness. I am walking farther away each year from how the world views Yoga and more towards this idea of being free for Love, spiritual connection, and healing to occur. I see such a deep desire to belong, all around me and I know healing happens when we take responsibility for our own spiritual wellness. Acceptance and Presence being the two pillars

My time in the cult was simply a tool to wake me up and to strip me of my Biases, and to see my parent in a new light. My mother is an atheist and my father religious it is very safe to say divine intervention played its hand with all three of us the day I escaped. My life was remarkably changed forever and although I don’t speak much of this time in my life. I lost all ground underneath me and I had the pleasure of building it back piece by piece experience by experience connected to spirituality while searching for a sense of belonging. One of my daughters asked me once how I knew her dad was the right one. My answer was spontaneous. “I felt more myself with him than anyone else” This is how I live by example. Be more ourselves in every situation and every relationship. To Belong to oneself and embody our spirituality wholly and fully. I consider myself fortunate to have been gifted the courage to travel solo at the age of 23, to fall into and out of a religious cult that stripped me down to such a vulnerable, and open place.

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