My life as a tree hugger!

We are not meant to fit in

We are all longing to belong

Belong to our purpose, and live guided by that purpose

Belong to our ability to love, and then learn how to care

Belong to our conscious self, and not get lost along the way

My love for trees goes back forever. I love to hide in them, smell them, lean up against them, and yes talk to them. I have a love affair with trees. I sat up in a tree when I wrote this poem. I know I feel lost when I try to fit in or when I think other people fit in and I don't. Then I remember I like to sit in trees and write poetry. I belong to the conscious self, the one who meditates and is easily inspired. When I feel this deep belonging it quietens my brain. This is commonly known as being in the zone or the flow of life itself. In yoga we speak of it as meditation in motion. A Pranic force an effortlessness and a complete surrender to a force greater than ourselves. It happens when we are unattached to the results and we are swept up into the process of being inspired. Love and Purpose(Dharma) become very clear for me in these times.

And so I hug trees!

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