Remembering Stillness can be easy.

Still now

Lake surface

Mountain meeting sky

Silence Now

Above the forest

Nature rustles

Surrender Now

Fall back into the sea

Retreat to the dessert

Steady as you GO

Walk towards the stewardship and Service Of your own life's Dharma

I have recently returned from time on retreat. In these moments I can tap into the silence and stillness so abundantly because I am typically outdoors all the time. The trick is to remain tapped in when life brings me indoors and away from nature. Here are two tools I use to keep this re-connection I feel after being outdoors away from my day -to-day life. I very purposely bring nature inside to be next to me. Flowers, fruit and vegetables, branches, rocks, even some times a dish of dirt. I try to have fun with it. I make it a little shocking or funny or meaningful to me and no one else. This helps me feel the emotion I feel while I am outdoors remembering it is not far away at all. The second tool I use is imagination. I stop push back from my desk and close my eyes drop back to the experience of being still in nature and let my whole nervous system go back to that time and place. My whole body feels the release, the more I do this, the more my body remembers. I don't let it slip away because I am participating in my experiences and ardently practicing stillness and silence that to me is most profound when I am in nature! I think forgetting something is just that forgetting to practice that you can remember.

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