How I proceed.

This morning I was stuck with a visual our selves floating in front of ourselves. A small flake or spec or spark you choose. The key was we were floating. We float out infront of ourselves so we can be present to our nature.No longer a spiritual attachments to a religion, or a practice, discipline, test result or theory. Here is an example from my ouwn life Christianity, Yoga, Ayruvedea, enniagram, course in miricles, Briggs Meyers, Gallup strenth testing Sahaj Meditation , Transindental meditaion, Reiki, healing touch, and a few more in between. If I identify strongly with these cources or philosophies at the begining stages I see it as the courting time diving in deep to get to know myself a little better. Here is where I know there can be a stagnation if I allow myself to 1) identfy myself as any one of these ways too strongly 2) allow these guides to hold me tight so that my focus becomes narrow. 3) create habits in me that keep me isolated and insular to the micles right in front of me.

Freedom is not attachment. Freedom is liberty to be present without bias or favoring. I know to many this starts to feel as if life will loose its passion and joy. It is quite the opposite the brilliance is so full that it inspires me every day to open my palm and let yesterdays truth be as soft as a breeze. To float out in front of myself watching my self dance seamlessly between bumping into my attachments and my adversions remaining unattached, free to LOVE at will.

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