My heart sure knows how to skip a beat.

My heart is busting open as is yours. Every spring this happens. The weather turns, the moods shift and new beginnings arise again! Each year I am amazed how I forget the process of winter and how it takes me into reflection, contemplation, frustration and often an emotional purging. This year ; a feeling of mild confusion and disillusionment. I am glad I forget each year, I am thankful that I allow the sadness to run its course and I am joyous to have the support and love in my life to know that life is going to be just fine thank you very much. This year I wrote some emails and expressed my struggle to friends, colleagues, and family members so I could voice the confusion and ask to be seen as someone in the middle of a winter struggle. No advice was needed nor given and friends stood tall in silence. My heart sure knows how to skip a beat. I know how to feel, express and work through my emotions. I forget and then I remember. Winter / Spring are in a relationship and my eyes are seeing beauty in nature I would have missed before. These spring eyes, heart and soul are shining bright and remembering, for now, that winter brought me here.

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