My yogi heart

Open up the Heart Space

I am so raw and open and in a quiet place of understanding. My Yogi heart has grown so many sizes this year. I am ready to be an advocate of love and acceptance. The calm place of action infused with self love, acceptance, transparency, and vulnerability. I am human and spirit and I refuse to fool myself or others by pretending I am better than, or worse than anyone else. I know my life is one of the divine beauty and this beauty is no more precious than the beauty of any other being. I am here with acceptance in my heart, tolerance and kindness. I will do my part every day to assist those of my friends, family, clients and aquaintances who are interested in the inner calm and clarity that can be streamlined and directed with so much potantcy that you will know our hearts by our actions. I am speaking less, acting more. My Yogi heart desires a connection through dance, work, labor, food, meditation, travel, sports, long country roads and corner stores. My yogi heart wants more life, bring me more life and more living.

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