Not Good Enough

I am asking a very honest question of myself today. Who am I to ask anyone to be more or less than they are at any given moment? I am the one who feels that I am not who I want to be from time to time and I discovered just how deep this feeling runs today. I am sitting doing my projections for 2017 and 2018. I feel odd and out of sorts I have been convinced somewhere along the way that I am not worthy of the dollar values I project. It is not in my reality. My parents did not make these #'s my siblings don't make these #'s. Who am I! I see a relationship right before my eyes, its playing out in my guts as I write this blog. You are not who I want you to be from time to time.......and this is in direct relationship with how I am not who I want me to be some of the time. My practice today is this: I am enough and I am worthy of every dream I can dream even the ones that invole $$ . You are enough just the way you are and my deep desire, as I heal this wound, is that I can see your value as sweetly as I see my own. We are in this together my friends.

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