Summer Wisdom

Last week I journed back home from my summer teaching tour in Oregon. Central Oregon for 5 days soaking in healing hotsprings .Oregon Coast for 3 days eating local seafood and walking the miles of beaches. Mt Hood, hiking at altitude and letting my eyes feast on the vistas of Volcanic masses and Coastal mountain ranges. Interestingly I have found an enormous shift in me these past few days as I follow the spiriutal nudge I was given while away.

Summer is a powerful and supportive time to welcome transformation. The air is warm and often moist the ground is lush and soft with summer grass. The fruit is abundant in the trees, and the earth surface is bursting with veggies and follage.Think of it as a safe place to fall., if you dare to fall My mindset shift was a very simple one. Make a contract every day to walk with humanity, simply do my part to walk side by side the person who shows up and walk with their humanity. I was also told that yesterday is irrelivant and tomorrow will wait until tomorrow. Today just Walk.

Every morning I wake up with a cleaner mindset even before my meditation practice my mind is clear and ready and awake. Something happened while I was away. I allowed a transformation to take place. The time was just right.

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