Soften your gaze and notice what happens.

Softening is an interesting concept that many of us resist. For so many various reasons we feel like we might lose control, or be perceived as weak, wishy washy or noncommittal. In reality it is quite the opposite. We gain new perspective, expanded consciousness’s and a softer, open minded way of seeing the world. It is the practice of opening our mind.

I would like to bring to your attention to the sensation of inner calm when you soften. In yoga practice, we practice non attachment, and equanimity. Softening such a simple thing as our personal prospective or opinion can cause a lovely cascading of unwinding physically, emotionally and mentally. The question then becomes are you willing, right now in this moment, to soften your grip on ideas, values and beliefs you hold onto that define you? Give it a try. Notice which ones come more easily and which ones are not ready yet! I suggest to my clients at Sukha Yoga Therapy to go slow, be playful, and just come from a place of curiosity and not judgement!

Softening our physical and mental states looks like this, shoulders drop, 10 soft breaths are taken and the mind is allowed to unwind and remember what’s most important in life …….love and connection!

If you are interested in taking on this concept or to learn more about my yoga studio and philosophies please email me

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