The illusion of busy = productive

Now that I am an empty nester there is far less demands on my time. I have moved to this new city called Charlotte, and my life has become by circumstances much simpler. This in and of itself is not enough to keep me from the temptations to fill my schedule, and fall back into habits that leave me wondering where did the day go, the week, the month the year!

I feel the pull to be busy, the illusion and misplaced idea that busy = productivity. That doing something has extra value and reward, and that doing nothing is wrong. It is just not so.

It’s about slowing down, putting systems in place so you can carve out the appropriate amount of time for contributing, playing and resting. Even science supports the benefits of slowing down and learning how to rest.

As a yoga teacher, owner of a yoga studio and therapist I gradually discuss over time with my clients that how they are in their bodies is not dissimilar to how they are in their lives. This discussion can have great impact on their mental health, and long lasting impact on their general health and wellbeing. The very same client, who is in a rush as they arrive at my door, is the same client who has missed every warning sign their body has sent them to slow down. They typically have an overwhelming schedule of events on their calendar and they come to me because the body is starting to break down under the load of it all. We start in the physical body, once they feel results there we connect the dots, slowing down has to be implemented physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Think of a car driving one mile going 55mph versus walking that same mile. How much more can you experience in the slowed down activity of walking a mile versus driving that very same mile? Let your mind now get curious about the mental health benefits as well. Present moment experiences like walking in nature, yoga and meditation have long been known to have benefit, click here

Time to sit down on your mat and start a daily meditation practice. Need help slowing down? Feel free to contact me for information about my yoga services at Sukha Yoga Therapy nestled in Charlotte, NC.

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