Smooth operator, smooth move, smooth as silk

Smooth operator, smooth move, smooth as silk.

Why is smooth a quality of movement I desire to see in all of my students both during private sessions at Sukha Yoga Therapy and yoga encounters throughout the world? Smooth is when there are no snags, congestion, or hesitation, it denotes a place that is uncluttered and clean.

A place where the bones guide freely in the joints, a place where there is a gracefulness and coordination. If you can see the body as a barometer or maybe a mirror of what we are experiencing in our lives, in our relationships, in our bank accounts - would we not want things to run smoothly rather than be congested, stagnant, rough or edgy?

When we practice with smoothness in our bodies, we shift the neuromuscular pathways that support smooth. This can stir smoothness in consciousness, breath and ways of thinking.

I often see this with my clients. I see this first hand from the smooth progression from the first session , to the second and third and so on at Sukha Yoga Therapy. As they smooth out - the bones glide in the joints, pain levels go down, quality of life goes up and when I see them on following visits; they chat to me about how much fun they had that week, or how well a conversation went, or that they slept better and felt less overwhelmed.

As life smooth’s out we become content. This is what impresses most; life can take on a quality of smooth and steady.

I currently see how Peter and I can communicate more smoothly, how I stay away from the edgy rough spots and operate in the places where my thoughts and ideas are easily heard, acknowledged and respected. Peter my loving husband gets to simply be as he is and I get to smooth out the places where I agitate, annoy, hassle and stifle the smoothness that often exists between us.

For me the realization is this: sometimes I need to be firm, strong and consistent and sometimes flexible, vulnerable and trusting. I can do this when my life is smooth and steady. Master steady and take on smooth at Sukha Yoga Therapy in Charlotte, NC or anywhere with the use of my audio classes.

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