Steady, Silent, Smooth, Soft, Strong, Stable and Surrendered

Much of my time as a yoga teacher and studio owner is spent observing. I observe my students, I observe other teachers, I observe the Yoga industry whether it be in Charlotte, Oregon or anywhere in the world, and I observe myself as to react or not to what is happening in front of me. I have become quite open to the idea that my way of thinking and seeing the world is remarkably my own, and it also belongs to a collective consciousness. The next seven blogs will teach the principles of movement I use when I work with my private clients at Sukha Yoga Therapy, and you will see how relevant they are to our lives.

Patanjali’s one direct instruction for asana - Sthira Sukham Asanam. (verse ll-46)

Practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body

sthira = strong; steady; stable; motionless

sukham = comfortable; ease filled; happy; light; relaxed

āsanam = asana; posture; seated position; physical practice

Sybil’s Seven S ‘s of movement

Steady, Silent, Smooth, Soft, Strong, Stable and Surrendered

I will now speak to steady. When we move our bodies in a way that is steady there is always a quality of deliberateness, or thoughtfulness to how we are moving. Here in lies the rub, deliberate and thoughtful are not gripped, restrictive or forced. When the body is unsteady and we force steady on the body it ends up having a quality that is grippe, tense, and well simply forced upon the body.

What I recommend is to only move the body so long as a steadiness is present. Let’s look at warrior 3 stand with one foot behind you. Now only tilt forward Pelvis moving over the standing leg bone as much as you feel steady without having to add in a manufactured gripping and holding. Here is where the body is steady, deliberate, and thoughtful. The breath is easy and the body is becoming stronger by the moment. You are light, relaxed and stable. Now try this in life move forward into the challenges and stresses of life with a steady mind and heart…….only go as far as you feel steady in your resolve and you can remain relaxed and light. The brain responds well to this environment, thoughts are clear, words are helpful and relevant and the results are better all round!

Stay Steady and have fun playing with this concept on and off your mat. Want to learn more and stay close to the principles of yoga simply book your session or audio class now!store/cy9o

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