Recognizing Yoga has benefit


Recognizing Yoga has benefit

We cannot get away from knowing that Yoga has benefits. It has a way of shifting our consciousness so that we see the world a little differently.

As the owner of Sukha Yoga Therapy & Retreats and fellow yogi I suggest to just do some gentle yoga stretches on your mat, do some conscious deep breathing or sit in meditation. Sit for 5, 10, even 20 minutes that’s enough. The trick is doing this every day. Do this every morning. You will see the world through different lenses. Your mind will calm (science is proving this just look it up.)

Meditation alters the brain in positive, healthy ways. Your breathing will connect your mind to your body….. Profound mindfulness starts to happen, you can’t actually stop it. You will start to observe yourself and others in a new way, a lighter way, a less angry and fearful way.

Sukha Yoga Therapy & Retreats provides yoga in group or individual settings. Follow my yoga studio on Facebook to stay connected.

International day of Yoga is June 21st

Get up early in the morning and do some yoga moves, do some deep breaths, do some meditation.

Join me and let’s make the shift one move, one breath at a time…..together.

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