My Husband was recently in Oregon visiting our son and doing some general repairs and construction projects on our home there. I asked him to bring back with him my Quan Yin statue whom I had left in my home yoga studio, to share her compassionate nature with our tenants and family members still in the Oregon region. I was ready for her to make the big trip home to me here in Charlotte, NC. I asked my husband to bring the figurine back to NC with him in his luggage. I also shared he would feel a great deal of compassion as he travelled as she is the goddess of compassion hearing the cries of the world. What happened next was pretty spectacular.

Every TSA officer stopped Peter and did a search in his carry on for the statue. She got passed around, handed to several different folks and always asked “what is this and why do you have it?” Now Peter has several stops as he was on a business trip and it was 6 different security clearance points that he went through in a 3 day span. Knowing Peter there were lots of wise cracks and jokes made about his wife and her request to bring this statue home. The compassion hit the moment he came home, I told the story to friends and students, Peter told the story to friends and co-workers and what started to happen was a very sweet, humorous compassion towards Peter.

People know me to be very openly spiritually and Peter very reserved in his beliefs. There began a very humorous and sincere compassion for him and towards him in a way that gave me a wonderful feeling of insight.

How I am perceived and what I possibly over share with everyone is my enthusiasm for the spiritual traditions, teachings and disciplines that have been passed onto me. People take me for what I am and they love me or leave me and it is so very much an ebb or flow. Our circle of friends showed compassion towards Peter and the “craziness” of living a life with Sybil. It warmed my heart and made me smile as Quan Yin supported Peters unconscious or possibly conscious smothering that I can do as I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I speak out with fearlessness.

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