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There is a story I heard long ago of the oyster floating up to the surface at the very auspicious moment that the moon beam was shining down on the surface. That moon beam created some small change in the oyster.

The oyster then sank down back to the floor closed its shell and patiently created the pearl.

Not unlike the pearl we must have silence, time and inward reflection to create our beauty. Once we experience something extraordinary it is ours and ours alone. So often we rush out to share our greatest moments on Facebook, or text a friend or try in some way to explain to the world what just happened.

What would happen if you silently kept it to yourself and allowed it to grow and teach you?

Allow your experiences to seep into your consciousness, to alter your way of being or way of thinking and then just be that, just be your new natural self.

Yoga is an experience of allowing a more natural, unpretentious self to shine forth in the present moments. This is a philosophy of Sukha Yoga Therapy & Retreats. One of the ways we can practice this is to be like the oyster rise up in the light of the moon and have amazing experiences, then become silent and allow creation and productizing to emerge, let there be time and silence so the pearl can grow.

Sukha Yoga Therapy & Retreats in Charlotte, NC teaches the principles of yoga that allow my students to become pearls. For more information about my teachings, philosophies and to hear from satisfied students of mine please visit my website www.sukhayogatherapy.com.

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