Slow Yoga, taking it back to basics

Slow Yoga taking it back to basics

Yoga has become the workout craze not just in Charlotte, NC but in every city. While yoga in any form is great for the mind and body let us not forget the basics. How often do we forget the basics in everything in life? We take things in their most simple state and juice them up, race to get them done, and lose the purpose behind them.

Many people relate basics to a slower pace .Allowing ourselves to bring basics back can provide many benefits. Basic movements in yoga done slowly with skill and proper breaths can have a profound effect on your yoga practice. While outside of your yoga mat the world is spinning. People everywhere are in commute, running from place to place, rushing to get tasks done, and often times losing purpose. Sukha Yoga Therapy & Retreats holds tight to the principles of slow pace providing fast results. Results are both physical and mental accomplishments.

Do you know your purpose while on the yoga mat? Are you breathing correctly allowing your mind to accept the profound effects of slow yoga. Are you holding that pose while sweat drips off your body, your heart is pounding, and then yes going into rest. Without rest nothing can be gained.

Slow doesn’t mean less gain. What is gained from rush? If anything more is lost from fast pace. Can we receive full benefit from falling victim to fast pace? Please join me on the mat Fridays @ Be Yoga Carmel location at 4:30pm for Slow Flow Yoga. Leave the rush of the world outside and receive the positive effects and a great workout. If smaller more intimate group settings allow you to slow down please also consider joining Sukha Yoga Therapy & Retreats for a private session series.

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