I was lead to work with Sybil by my caring wife, Robin, after a serious leg injury caused my whole body to go out of balance and fitness left too.  I was compensating for this injury and making my back and hips to hurt and was not in a good frame of mind over the whole situation either.


Sybil helped get me over the idea that we could fix everything all at once by just working on my leg.  We worked from simple beginnings treating my entire body and I learned how to listen to my body during movement - learning how a little bit of good motion is better than overdone stretching for example.  


Sybil has helped me develop an entirely new perspective on fitness and how our own body works and how to listen to our body.  We went back to simplest basics and what a change has happened!  Even though I am still a big guy and not very flexible I am now better balanced and move with more ease and range of motion and can't believe how much better my posture and general outlook on my body and mind has become.  I am now a total believer in this whole-body and gentle approach to yoga and fitness and will continue down this path forever.



Rich Cushman

Hood River Oregon