I was sidelined with a shoulder injury (rotator cuff and labral tear) for nearly 7 years. Getting back into yoga after such an extensive injury wasn’t an easy decision, especially given my limited range of motion in such a crucial joint.

I took a workshop with Sybil: a week intensive pure movement that has forever changed, not just how I see my injury, but how I move my body in general.


Sybil is a gifted teacher. Her intuition, knowledge of physiology and years of yoga training have not only been an asset in my yoga practice, but in my daily life as well. She was a gift to me in a time when proper alignment was critical to getting back into a sustainable yoga practice. In every class I can here her words: stay out of pain, you’re looking for pure movement, ease off, stay within range.

She didn’t just give me the gift of yoga, she gave me to gift of acceptance. To accept what I can do and stay there. No more. THAT is the gift of a true teacher.



Corrin Crone Phillips

Hood River Oregon