Welcome to "Sybil Online"

This is a month to month program offering weekly support and mentoring.
The intension of this course is to guide and support you through weekly practices and processes so you can stay connected to my teachings and move forward in your own spiritual growth. This course supports the exeriential commitment of getting on the meditation cusion each week and spending time Breathing and sitting in meditation.
This is a truly unique program with guided  Pranayama practices followed by a guided meditation.
Every Friday morning (very early) Sybil  practices Yoga , followed by an intuitively guided Prana practice followed by a meditation. Sybil immediately then records and guides the group through what was inspired by her practice.
These audio files are sent to you and arrive in your email every friday. This is followed by a newsletter that highlights the spiritual reflections for the group to follow. Students are invited, but not required, to share their reflections with Sybil thus positively influencing the subsequent teachings.
 You will gain: A virtual support group committed to daily Pranayama and Meditation.
This course connects you to Sybil on a weekly basis . She is an eclectic spiritual teacher offering teachings from the ancient yogic philosophies, the medicine wheel and much more!



This program is sold in three month commitment packages.
Next 3 month session starts in January
Three months for $96 fall 2021 Sept - Nov