Our Prayer


May I be here, Completely here.

May I know that my home is here.

May each day bring the perfect mix of joy and discomfort

May I follow my true heart's guidance,

To discover the deepest purpose of my work, my passion.

The beautiful footprint I leave from my time on this earth.

Let me remember that this moment now,

This breath, this body is here to grow and change.

Show me now how I can be more compassionate, kind and giving to and of myself.

Guide me always towards Unity.  

Show me in my darkness the light of truth.


                                    Oregon, 2005






Guide my feet to walk where you need me to be

Connect me to the moments where I can be of service

Send me into prayer to surrender ALL to the creator

Fortify me so I remain true, clear and humble

Take my heart for it is yours to fill and mend



                                          Alabama 2019


Full Moon

Uncertainly lies in the peripheral

Hidden deep by years of half truths


Sweet sister surrender

Let me fall


Ghastly low life memories

Hardened by time


Sweet sister surrender

Follow me down


Lurking conversations

With No business being here


Sweet sister surrender

Soften the landing


Grooves etched deep

Support the loop of repeat


Sweet sister surrender

Weep with me now


One rose bud dismantled

Permission to heal


Sweet sister surrender

Breath with me now


Love, Sybil


I bow to the Full Moon






And so I pray

And so I rest


Down into the earth

As Angels guard


Emotions battle

Then unite


Stories unravel

Then reveal


The back of me my shell

The belly of me softening


One Love dances above

Healing flows below


The voice I hear

The voice I must speak aloud


And so I pray

And so I rest


Love, Sybil





Nature's Day




The Sky’s canvas is water

Trees detailed in reality

Blurred in reflection


White disguised blue by shadows

White breasted beauty by sunlight


Is it what I see?

Or make of this metaphor



Perspectives blur as Truth becomes more relative

Foreground and background

Reality or illusion


My God my insides stir

Awakened by life itself


My lord this day is blessing itself


Love, Sybil






Today I stand rooted

I gather myself

I look around myself

I see upon nature’s splendor

Cycles of life


Today I stand beautiful

I collect myself

I feel every detail

I know nature’s wisdom

Each season my teacher


Today I stand ready

Reaching my limbs to the sky

Digging my toes into the earth

Sun shining in pools of gratitude

In my own eyes


Together as one nature and I

We give our thanks

We humbly bow

And greet each people

And welcome every word


Prayers and bridges

Rivers and trees

My life is yours


Love, Sybil




Blessed Sister


Blessed Sister

Look out on the water

Break open one more time

For me because I may not be ready


Blessed Sister

Hear the call of our divinity

Hold me warmly to your chest

Carry me with you as you soar


Blessed Sister we are of one accord.

Prayer, Mantra, Silence & My Love


Love, Sybil




Slay Me Now


Take me now

To feel this holiness

This satiated stillness


Absolve me now

To see this reverence

This nature’s way


Release me now

To sanctify this simplicity

This eternal Grace


Slay me now

To forgive the path that strives

To be anything but this




Love, Sybil




Lying below the surface


Below the surface a repression and malaise suffocating and decomposing


Out beyond the landscape a desperate and lonely need to know why here why now and for what purpose


My beautiful loon glides the surface

Serene melding the elements

Muddy lake bed and sky of the great unknown


Sound your call loon

Echo this beauty of self regulation

Audible, palpable, visceral healing of all anxieties and depressions





Full Moon
White Theme Bouquet