I have always been ready for what life has around the next corner; I might even say I can see around the bends just enough to trust my intuition completely. I accept life's ups and downs with a sense of fun and adventure. I only know this now looking back at 58 as I am tasked with telling my story.


 After University I traveled solo through Great Britain, Europe, Africa, and Australia. This 18-month journey was my turning point. It broke me wide open and twisted my world on its end. Deeply challenged by what I saw and experienced I started to question and dissect the values and beliefs placed on me by my family of origin, my teachers and peers, my blessings, struggles, and privilege were all under scrutiny.  The seemingly unanswerable questions of life began to work their magic and smooth out my rough edges.


I was broken open into the spiritual realm with a few life-changing experiences both in Africa and Australia. Once home I had to find new ways to plug back into life back home in Vancouver BC. 


I Married and started to raise up our children when we were relocated to the United States.


Yoga found me as a young mother of three children and like most things I dove in deep. I became a teacher and international trainer over the years. I co-founded a Yoga Studio in Hood River Oregon and then stepped away from Studio life to become a therapist, going back to Canada for my training. 


Life has provided my family with just the right number of hard knocks; financial loss taking us to ground zero no savings, no home of our own for years and then repeated re-locations. These relocations continue to uproot and split the family in many directions forcing us all to seek inner strength, resiliency, intuition and the eventual ease that is coming with time.


How I grapple with staying connected, supportive and loving to the world around me is my Yoga Practice. It always has been. Yoga discipline has cradled me through it all.

I am on the move again the divine plan is still and always unfolding as I move to the deep south and Mobile Alabama is to be my new home for a time.


This Pacific Northwest Girl is far away from home and as about unsteady on her feet as one could be. That is how I know that I am in the right place doing the right thing. Becoming steady once life rattles my cage is how I learn to guide others to do the same.





Mobile & Fairhope Alabama

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